About Us

We are a dedicated group of Consultant Cardiologists specialising in the treatment of abnormal heart rhythms. We work as a cohesive team both in our NHS hospital and in the private sector and strive to deliver the best quality of care.

We have vast experience with patients needing treatment for abnormal heart rhythms caused by heart rhythm problems and collectively we have performed more than 10 000 electrophysiology procedures since 2002.

Of these, approximately 5500 have been procedures to cure atrial fibrillation. Click here to see the list of procedures that we perform.

Our services to treat abnormal heart rhythms include consultation with patients, investigations, ablation treatments and pacemaker implants for all heart rhythm conditions.

For complex procedures we believe that the best results are achieved with the skills of two of our consultants working together. We are also able to provide ultrasound imaging of the heart and cardiac catheterisation services.

Our Safety Record

We have looked at all our procedures over the last 9 years and of the 4686 cases the complications that have occurred are extremely low:


Accidental heart block needing a pacemaker


Bleeding around
the heart


Bleeding from the vein entry points



Heart Problems We Treat & Our Procedures

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