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Naturally the answers we give can only be of a general nature and are not based upon any specific case. If you have a specific query or believe you have a heart rhythm problem and would like to make an appointment with us, please consult your GP for a referral.

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We would be very happy to see you for a consultation to discuss your symptoms, arrange tests if necessary and then give you advice. Unfortunately we are not able to give you advice via email or directly via the website. The information on our website is for general information only and does not replace the consultation process.
Category: Heart Problems

The most useful test is an ECG (electrocardiogram), a heart rhythm recording, during your palpitations.  This can be done in some GP surgeries, A&E departments and by paramedics.  This recording is sometimes difficult to obtain if the palpitations only last a few minutes. The ECG gives the specialist a good idea of what further tests or treatment may be necessary. We recommend that patients keep copies of their ECGs  and take these copies along to the consultation with a heart rhythm specialist. Other tests such as echocardiography (ultrasound imaging of the heart), long term ECG monitoring and exercise testing (ECG recording whilst walking on a treadmill) may be advised by your doctor.

Category: Heart Problems

Most palpitations are not dangerous but can be bothersome. Tragically, in a few cases, palpitations can result in sudden death. If you experience any palpitations we recommend that you get this investigated by a doctor.

Category: Heart Problems

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