I have a long history of heart disease going back to 1983. There was also a family history. I have been diagnosed with ischemic heart disease, hypertension and unstable angina. I have had a number of very distressing and debilitating attacks. They have affected by lifestyle significantly.  My last episode in Sept 2011 resulted in yet another admission to hospital. However, my NHS Consultant seemed to pay no attention to my symptoms and quite clearly had little interest in my condition. I think they were at a loss.

As a result I arranged to see Dr de Bono who was an Atrial Fibrillation specialist. My signs, symptoms and ECG clearly indicated that I had AF. After only a few minutes he identified that I had paroxysmal AF and completely changed my medication.

As a result I feel significantly better. I am able to sleep through. A situation not open to me for many years. My constant chest pain has gone. My depression has lifted. I am still not well but am significantly better than I was. Dr de Bono is an “electrician”. My previous consultant was a “plumber” and clearly out of their depth.

I wish I had had the benefit of their advice many years ago. I would clearly have avoided many stays in cardiac care and unnecessary procedures. I had two angiograms that were clearly unnecessary.

On several occasions when in hospital on the NHS, the heart rate monitors to which I was connected had shown my heart rate from 30 bpm to 160 bpm. Yet consistently I was informed that either the unit was faulty or it was normal. The lack of knowledge of AF symptoms leads to people dying unnecessarily. The expertise of the specialists available privately has made a significant and lasting impact on my life.”

 Click here to see our Patient Information Sheet on Atrial Fibrillation.

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