How do you find the best consultant?

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1. Personal recommendations – it is important if you know someone who has been treated by a consultant as their experience can inform your decision.

2. GP or specialist recommendations – it is helpful to ask to be referred to the best person in your area for the operation, not the one closest or the one with a shortest waiting time.

3. Web search – you can search for specialists on-line but this may not produce independent information.

Questions you could ask about or directly to your consultant/specialist:

  • What is the level or degree of specialisation they have in the area you need treatment for?
  • How many years experience they have with this treatment?
  • How many of these procedures have they performed?
  • What are their success and complication rates and are these personal or general published figures?


A more experienced operator is far more likely to achieve success in your case at the minimum risk. Someone who does many different procedures or whose principle interest is in a different area is likely to have less experience in the specific area you need.